Role of SFO

Role of SFO
In order to protect the interests of our tenants, the SFO doesn't only look out for you in your building, but she has other tasks as well.


We mediate when you are having trouble where you live

When you have complaints about your building, you contact your caretaker. But when you are having a problem with your caretaker, then who do you go to? The members of the SFO are there to help you when you are experiencing trouble with Idealis. We can help trying to solve problems when you can't figure it out on your own. This includes trouble with a roommate or corridor representative that doesn't do his/her tasks.

We facilitate communication

We help to make sure that you know what is going on with Idealis. Not only by keeping you up to date about our meetings (for example about upcoming maintenance), but also by providing you with additional information when needed. For example, if Idealis would like to change some part of your agreement, your building needs to vote on that. We will make sure that everybody is able to make an informed decision. Not only by spreading information ourselves, but also by making sure Idealis themselves keep you informed on the latest development of things.

We participate in Idealis' policy-making

Our relationship with Idealis is good and friendly; we are one of the people they talk to when making decisions. These are decisions about new buildings, service cost components, or any other policy. We represent the tenants' voice in policy-making. For example, we take your complaints about maintenance during the exam weeks, and make sure they are taken into account in a proper way.